Arkanoi3D 1.0

Arkanoid with a 3D twist


  • Innovative gameplay
  • Attractive graphics
  • 17 levels
  • Interesting power-ups


  • Quite difficult to control

Very good

Arkanoid (or Breakout as you may know it) games are ten a penny on mobile devices, but Arkanoi3D offers an interesting new twist on the format.

Arkanoi3D boasts the same ball bouncing action as the original, only this time you must destroy the blocks in a 3D environment. The graphics are pretty impressive, with brightly colored, semi-transparent blocks and a blue glass paddle. I particularly liked the way that if you miss the ball as it flies towards you, the screen 'shatters' with an accompanying sound effect.

Playing Arkanoi3D is mightily strange and first and it takes a long time to get used to the movement of the ball and judge how far in front of you it is in order to position the paddle in the right place. Once you've got the hang of it though, Arkanoi3D proves very addictive and it's difficult to put down.

There's enough in Arkanoi3D to keep you coming back time and again. It boasts 17 varied levels and a wealth of different power-ups to collect, which change the shape of the paddle or alter the ball movement in some way. Games can be customized from the options menu by changing the speed of the ball, speed of the paddle, and toggling the ball helper on and off.

If you're a fan of Arkanoid games, Arkanoi3D will introduce you to a whole new way of playing the game.

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Arkanoi3D 1.0

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